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Simplicity is the final achievement… It is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art…

Penned by Frederic Chopin. Duly noted by Follyfox. Indeed, working together to plan, design, build and then manage your website requires strategic and creative thinking, imagination in abundance, clear objectives and a practical, extremely logical approach.

Its not what. Its how.

Sound familiar? These days its pretty easy to grab a template, follow the instructions and ‘quick-fix’ your need to ‘exist’ on the world wide web. Planning, designing and creating a website that actually ‘works’ for you, that enables your goals, that you can take ownership for and be proud of.. well.. that is another kind of website altogether.

Lost in function?

With an awesome array of fancy doo daa’s and somersaulting gizmos at our fingertips it’s really easy to get lost in the function void and lose track of what it’s all about. Back step. Why do we need a website? Essentially? It is a communication tool. A brilliant and empowering way of bringing the world closer to you and what you want to say. Even so, structural ‘function’ is the foundation, or architecture, of your website. It must be 100% trustworthy and maintained consistently to keep it just so.

Being brilliant is easy!

A client wrote recently: “I love my website! Sometimes I just browse for no reason. I feel happy”. Have you noticed we humans are really good at taking care of the people and things we love? A successful website is a loved website. Making your website easy to ‘love’, easy to manage, easy to keep fresh, alive and meaningful starts with understanding you and your personal challenges, goals, routines, how you and your colleagues work together and equally, how you interact with your customer.

The art of simplicity..

Frederic Chopin said: “Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art.” Indeed, ‘simple’ is just so.. so pleasant. Finding the ‘simple’, but dynamic, formula that truly represents your brand, supports your business activity now and enables your future business growth, is an art in itself. Herein lies the exquisite challenge.


I see each website as a unique story. Ongoing. Evolving. Here are some of my favourite projects. Learn about the inspiring people they represent and how we worked together to create their website design.


When my clients are happy and proud of their website my work is done.

Fiona Ascroft

Working with Follyfox Design feels like a collaboration. Rita’s design innovation, expertise and ability to ‘grasp’ branding has been invaluable. Whilst we knew what we were aiming for making a website together was a journey that went hand in hand with overall business and sales strategy. The USP was, and is, Rita’s flexibility and capability,…

Simon Haddock

I am happy with my new website. It was crafted with sensitivity and thought for my personal needs as an artist and is really easy to update.

Giulia Bonavero & Avital Mediony

We couldn’t have asked for a better website! It embodies everything we have envisioned and more. Rita, goes the extra mile to learn all about us and even does her own research to make it extra special. Nothing is too much or too difficult, always there to help and super professional.


The very best websites bring together branding, design and function beautifully to create exactly the ‘right’ experience for your target audience and invoke meaningful ‘call to action’ that actually works. Here’s what you might need for your project:

Printcopy Flyers Business Cards by Follyfox Design

Research & Planning

From SEO research to user journeys and call to action. It’s all in the planning.

Planning Consultation

Responsive Website Design by Follyfox Design London

Design & Development

Function and design elements that may be included in your website.

Design Elements

Svelte Hosting for Websites London

Server Hosting

All Follyfox Design websites come with server hosting as standard.

Hosting Packages

Search Engine Optimisation for Websites

Webmaster Support

Post launch maintenance, reporting and development support.

Support Options

Rita Maree Horne


Follyfox Design is focused on retrieving the true value of ‘bespoke’ and the personal engagement between client and designer. It is possible for everyone, on any budget, to have a beautifully designed, easy to manage, useful website.

I am equally creative as I am social and mathematical so making websites presses ALL my buttons – communication, branding, coding, strategy, detail.. to name but a few.

Follyfox Design began 6 years ago making websites for friends. I went on to design websites for entrepeneurs and small businesses, then, by bringing together expertise, larger businesses and global networks.

I really enjoy working together with my clients. I love making websites.