Follyfox Website Design

Beautiful, bespoke website design, hosting and webmaster support.
With you in mind.

What makes a good website really great? Is it how it works? How it looks? What is beautiful anyway? Or would we rather be cool… What actually matters. Here’s how I’m thinking about websites and what great design looks feels like to me.


How can I help you? We can talk about anything from preliminary research and planning to the website design and build, server hosting, copy for web, seo, branding and thereafter the all important ongoing webmaster support.


Want some examples? Find a selection of portfolio, e-commerce and directory websites I love, how they work and why I think I got it right.


My name is Rita. I have been making websites for 10 years… My heart still races each time I click the submit button and launch a new website. I love making websites. And while this remains true so does Follyfox Design.