Follyfox Design Website Build

I am equally creative as I am social and logical so making websites presses ALL my buttons – phsychology, communication, branding, coding, strategy, detail.. to name but a few.

Follyfox Design began 10 years ago making websites for friends. I remember the rainy Friday afternoon I googled ‘What is a div’ and started a long and winding journey of learning and creating. The rest, as they say, is history. I went on to design websites for entrepeneurs and small businesses, then, by bringing together expertise, larger businesses and global networks. I am constantly learning. Constantly exploring.

Strangely… I think about websites in 3D. They look like car engines in a factory, suspended by a chain from somewhere above. I can spin the websites and look at them from every angle. As you can imagine, the 2D static project plan never reflects the moving thing of beauty in my head.

I genuinely enjoy working together with my clients. In many ways the process of planning and building their website helps to refine their idea and bring it to life. That’s very satisfying.

Yes. I love making websites.