Website Planning

Website Planning and Research

Research & Planning

We take great care in gaining a proper insight into who you are, your business identity, where and how you want to be positioned in your market and the psychological profile of the audience you need to reach. These insights are the yardstick for EVERYTHING we do.

Brand Identity

Who are you? This is a collection of all the elements that combine to create an ‘image’ or perception of who you are and what you are all about? It’s imperative that the look ‘n feel, or design, of your website properly represents you.

Market Placement

What is your ‘product’? Where do you want to be situated in your market sector? Knowing this will very much influence the website design and how it works.

Target Audience

Who would buy your product? Your website design needs to attract, ‘speak to’ and inspire your ideal customer, not just ‘as many people as possible’. This is the intangible ‘magic’ that turns your ‘beautiful website’ into a ‘beautiful successful website’.

Call To Action

How would those ideal customers buy your product? What does your website need to actually do? Do you want to be contacted? Do you want your customer to make a purchase, participate in an activity or something else? We will identify your ‘calls to action’ and design the entire website around this.

User Journey

In a nutshell, what steps do we want our target audience to take to get to our call to action opportunities. Really good websites make this journey ultra easy and pleasant.

Keyword Analysis

As part of the standard search engine optimisation by design, it’s important to define the keywords your target audience is likely to use. These keywords will be incorporated in your content for search engine robots to find.

Content Preparation

What information do we need to display on your website? We will prepare and collate all the text, imagery, videos etc. This is a big job and very much a collaboration.


What tools do we need to present your product and manage your website? We will identify all the functions we will need such as e-commerce, membership, security and/or CRM integration.

Future Development

Knowing where you see yourself in the future helps us to build the structural foundations of your website in anticipation of these projections. Future development work will be much more efficient and therein significantly more economical.


Based on all our research we will draw up a detailed structural plan, or sitemap, of your website. Pages, posts, taxonomies, functions and so on. Simplicity is key!

Project Planning

Finally, we will formulate a master plan that outlines all the stages to build the website, including time estimations, progression risks, review periods and final testing, all the way to launch day.

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