Website Design

Website Design

Design & Development

Truly bespoke websites require a taylored approach. Here are all the elements we will include in your website design project.

Logo & Branding

Colours, fonts, styles, layouts and imagery are just some of the elements that work together to create your brand. If you dont have a brand, we can help you create this, building it in to the website design and across your entire business identity.

Search Engine Optimisation

In our social media driven world making sure your website can be found on search engine results is imperative. To help search engines promote your website, ‘best practise’ SEO will be applied to all your website content.


With an array of screen sizes out there, we must ensure the design moves dynamically, is user-friendly and looks good on any device. We have full control over how your website responds.


To make absolutely certain your website is safe from ‘bad robots’ and hacks we incorporate known design methods and the very best software to protect your site’s potential risks. Security is non-negotiable.

Content Management

We will ensure that navigating around your website is insightful, interesting, logical and fast by using a collection of dynamic content management methods. Our aim is to present the RIGHT content at the RIGHT time during your users’ visit to your website.


Imagery must be excellent quality, prepared for web and original (or licensed). Images can be restored or edited. Hand-drawn illustration and professional photography for print and web is also a possibility. Video and audio will be embedded efficiently to keep your site optimised.

SSL Certification

It is important to secure your site with an SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) ensuring that all content passed between the web server and browsers remains safe.

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulations require particular processes and declarations regarding the private data your website collects. We are informed and will ensure your website and any Third Party partners are fully GDPR compliant.

Legal Policies

WordPress websites must display a Cookies policy. If your website collects private data, an appropriate Privacy Policy. A Terms of Service policy may also be needed. We can help you draft these documents for a qualified solicitors approval.

Editor Interface

Publish and manage your content easily without entering ‘Admin’. Interactive forms and dynamic displays are built in to a bespoke frontend dashboard tailored to you and your team.


Social sharing and follow buttons are very useful in helping your readers help you to promote your website. Crazy not too! Let subscribers know when new content is published. Embedded subscription forms and automated mailouts are great for keeping in touch with your subscribers.


Tools to manage your website and database along with useful webmaster tools to get insights on traffic, user geographical locations and behaviours.


Before we launch your website, we will take the time to carefully test that everything works perfectly and looks exactly right.


If you wish to manage your website yourself, we will ensure you are fully trained and confident to care for your website post launch.


At the end of the project, you will recieve a full website handover with details of all access credentials, design elements and functions.

Other Services

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Follyfox Design websites come with server hosting as standard.

Hosting Packages

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Research & Planning

From SEO keyword research to user journeys and call to action.

Planning Consultation

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Webmaster Support

Post launch maintenance, reporting and development support.

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