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Website Design and Build

Follyfox Design Website Build

With our plan in place the website build begins. Really brilliant websites bring together design, function and branding beautifully to create exactly the right user experience for your target audience, engage readers and ensure call to action opportunities. I usually build in stages and will keep you informed throughout. You will have ample opportunity to feedback and request edits and test everything before launch day.

Essential design

A combination of design elements and techniques we will use to create the perfect user experience for your particular target audience.

Logo & Branding

We need a logo and any established branding elements for your business. If you don’t have a brand yet, I can help you create this. Your brand identity forms the basis for the entire website design.

Colour Palette

We will choose a limited selection of colours that represent your brand, are compatible with your marketplace and have the right effect on your readers. We will use colour in many ways. To draw attention, to calm, to encourage an action, to organise content and plenty more besides.


We will likely use a combination of fonts. I personally prefer headings to be ‘stand-out’ and in keeping with your brand. Paragraph fonts must be easy to read and compatible with all browsers, devices and applications.

White Space

A design technique that isolates a design element by moving it apart from an otherwise busy page to effectively make it stand out and, therein, capture the reader’s attention. ‘White’ space doesn’t necessarily mean the space is white. Perhaps we should call it ‘Empty Space’ instead? Either way, this is an effective way to highlight call-to-action.


The images, videos and sounds we use throughout your website are a magical way to create energy, all kinds of energy. So we will take care to select and present these in the right way.


We will use a multitude of design elements such as grids, pop-ups, boxes, lines, angles, scrolling, sliders, transitions, icons and so on. I design these layouts from scratch to suit your content and your readers.


With an array of screen sizes out there, we must ensure layouts move dynamically to look good on any device. I will have full control over how your website responds.


To help search engines find and promote your website, ‘best practise’ SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) will be incorporated ‘by design’. We will have done the keyword market research in planning stages.


The aim is to present the RIGHT content at the RIGHT time during your readers’ visit to your website. I will create the structure of your website based on our plan. User journeys will flow dynamically allowing your readers to find your key ‘call to action’ with ease.

Essential function

These tools and functions are, in my opinion, a must-have and come ‘as standard’ for all websites created by Follyfox Design.


To make absolutely certain your website is safe from ‘bad robots’ and hacks we incorporate known design methods and the very best software to protect your site’s potential risks.


Imagery must be excellent quality, prepared for web and original (or licensed). Images can be restored or edited. Hand-drawn illustration and professional photography is also a possibility. Video and audio will be embedded efficiently to keep your site optimised.

SSL Certificate

Your wordpress website must be secured with an SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) ensuring all content passed between server and browser is safe. SSL comes with your server hosting package.

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulations require particular processes and declarations regarding the private data your website collects and stores. WordPress websites must display a Cookies policy and user accept function. We are informed and will ensure your website and any Third Party partners we use are fully GDPR compliant.

Useful additions

Then… depending on your particular needs we will build in all the additional tools you and your audience need. This list is not exhaustive!

Editor Tool

You will be able to publish and manage your content easily without entering ‘Admin’ mode. Interactive forms and dynamic displays are built in to a bespoke frontend dashboard tailored to you and your team.

Legal Policy

Your website must display a public Privacy Policy. A Terms of Service policy may also be needed. I can help you draft these documents for a qualified solicitors approval.

Social Network

Social share and follow buttons help your readers help you to promote your website. Crazy not too! We can also display a live feed of your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page on your website.

Contact Form

Display a secure contact form, tailored to your needs, to encourage readers to contact you. You will be able to manage messages in your personal Editor Tool.


Let subscribers know when new content is published. Embedded subscription forms and automated mailouts are great for keeping in touch with your audience. I prefer to integrate Mailchimp for managing subscription lists and mailout scheduling. I will design the newsletter and how your website adds content bespoke to you.


Sell stuff online. This can be as simple as a Paypal ‘Buy Now’ button or as complex as a fully functioning online shop with multiple payment gateways. You will be able to manage products, delivery and customer communications via your personal Editor Tool.


Allow users to register and create an account on your website, post content, buy products, pay for a subscription, change password etc.

Chat Box

Be available to chat with visitors to your website via a chat box.


Create and display reviews on your website, display a feed of reviews captured on other platforms or integrate both! Reviews are a valuable way to validate your product and/or services.


Embed a live Google Map to present your location and help potential customers find you.


Get insights on traffic, user geographical locations and behaviours, detected issues and much more. Google Analytics is awesome.