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Your story doesn’t end on the day we launch it onto the world wide web. As an extension to the standard SEO incorporated in your website design, the work to realise the potential of your specific ‘call to action’ opportunities must continue.

Content Writing Blogging

Search engines like websites that are alive and active. Publishing regular, relevant, compelling and search engine friendly content continues to invite the right audience to visit your website. Popular websites are favoured. It’s as simple as that.

Website Management

Keeping all your software up-to-date is really important particularly in relation to security. WordPress and its awesome community of independantly managed ‘plugins’ are continuously improving and updating. Your website must ‘keep up’.

Promotions & Networking

Once you have a great website you need to share it with the world and invite your target audience and visit! Such activities may include social networking, email marketing and genuine backlinking.

Analytical Reporting

Regular insights on how your site performs (speed etc), bounce rates, who visits and their behaviour while visiting your website will really help steer what improvements and developments are needed.

Supporting Printcopy

Flyers, invitations, tickets, stationery, business cards and merchandise, presentation templates and mailouts. All beautifully designed and in keeping with your brand. Consistency is king!

Redesign & Development

As you and your business grow and inevitably change we may need to make adjustments to the tools and overall structure of your website. It is wise to anticipate this at planning stage.

Other Services

Svelte Hosting for Websites London


Follyfox Design websites come with server hosting as standard.

Hosting Packages

Printcopy Flyers Business Cards by Follyfox Design

Research & Planning

From SEO keyword research to user journeys and call to action.

Planning Consultation

Responsive Website Design by Follyfox Design London

Design & Development

Function and design techniques included in your website.

Design Elements