Follyfox Design Webmaster Support

Webmaster Support

Follyfox Design Webmaster Support

Once your website is launched then begins the ongoing challenge to ‘get networked’ and grow your audience! Equally, it’s important to keep your software updated, maintain good SEO practices and regularly review analytics. We can build whatever support needs you have into your hosting package.

Support options

Here are some support options you might require on an ongoing basis depending on your website.

Software maintenance

Keeping all your software up-to-date is really important particularly in relation to security. WordPress and its awesome community of independantly managed ‘plugins’ are continuously improving and updating. Your website must ‘keep up’.

Website development

As you and your business grow, little adjustments to the tools and overall structure of your website will inevitably be an ongoing initiative.

Blogging & SEO

Search engines like websites that are alive and active. Publishing regular, relevant, compelling and search engine friendly content continues to invite the right audience to visit your website.

Social networking

Once you have a great website you need to share it with the world and invite your target audience to visit! Such activities may include social networking, email marketing and genuine backlinking.


Regular insights on how your site performs (speed etc), bounce rates, who visits and their behaviour while visiting your website will really help steer what improvements and developments are needed.


How it works and what else might be involved:


Depending on your needs, we can agree a flat rate per month or an hourly rate billed at the end of each month.


Hosting can be provided by my trusted partner Svelte Hosting in London. Learn more about our server hosting packages and pricing options.