Wedding In Provence

Mary and Antonio wanted a website and invitation cards that was ‘something pretty’, yes, but also quirky, unusual and befitting of ‘Provence’ where they lived and planned to celebrate their wedding.


Mary Stepman
This website is no longer active…
Finding the right graphic designs that worked well on both website and print copy.
Portfolio style website for a private event.
The wedding guest list.
Call To Action
Find information quickly and easily.

Website Design

After visiting Mary and Antonio in their hometown of Gordes, France, I experienced a little of their lifestyle, outdoors, fresh air, homemade, with the horses a daily feature among the fields of lavender and hay. This site needed to reflect their personalities and the land they would build the rest of their lives on. I used a soft paper texture for the background and revelled in vintage fonts and hand-drawn everything. I have used the fonts as images rather than text as this is the way I see them. Simple layouts and a humble use of images. Like a book more or less.

Website Function

Simplicity at its best, the website comes with the full package. Key functions include:

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Server Hosting

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Keeping with the design and delicious play on fonts the invitation cards come in varying sizes. The idea is to tie them together with string as a bundle. The guests receiving them in the post will enjoy the ‘unwrapping’! In collaboration with Hazel McNab ( for the hand-drawn horse.

Wedding In Provence