Showcasing the work of London-based artist, Simon Haddock. The website allows the paintings to ‘speak for themselves’. As Simon put it, ‘I want people to be able to get inside the painting’.

Website Design

Simon Haddock's paintings are beautifully eccentric, bursting with colour, texture and energy. Here we wanted to create an Instagram-esque style with a minimalist art gallery feel. Each page presents a floating, squared, grid or gallery, if you like, against a spacious white background. Everything can be managed by Simon from a bespoke front-end editing interface.


Restless with ideas and creativity, Simon needed a website that allowed him to quickly and easily express his thoughts, share his inspiration for what he paints and therein, 'explain' his passion for the subject of his art.




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Simon Haddock
Simon Haddock
Simon Haddock
Simon Haddock
Simon Haddock
Simon Haddock
Simon Haddock

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Website Function

Automated content management with front-end access. Key functions include:

Dynamic Content Management
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Server Hosting

Hosted with Svelte Hosting London. Selected hosting and webmaster support options include:

Unlimited monthly bandwidth
Encryption Protection
SSL Certificate
Automatic Backup
Unlimited Database
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Simon Haddock

Testimonial for Simon Haddock

I am happy with my new website. It was crafted with sensitivity and thought for my personal needs as an artist and is really easy to update.

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Simon Haddock

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