Athenry Website

A wonderful collection of historical accounts, news, folklore, books and stories about a little medieval walled town nestled in beautiful County Galway, Ireland.


Finbarr O'Regan
To create a comprehensive set of taxonomies and automated management delivery system that allows both editors and readers to easily search, filter and sort listings and anticipates an ever growing archive.
Directory website managing records and archives.
Anyone interested in the history of Athenry.
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Find, read and share stories.

Website Design

Editorial, newspaper-esque design throughout with large typewriter fonts, diagonal lines and splashes of bright colour to enhance the users experience and help the user know intuitively where they are in the website.

Website Function

This website is a fine example of dynamic content management. Each record post automatically presents the reader with the archive it belongs to, links to similar articles, maps and videos (if entered), featured records and linked records. Exploring the site is easy, informative and fun. Key functions include:

Dynamic Content Management
Cookies Accept
Legal Policies
Site Map
Media Management
GDPR Compliance
Editor Tool
Social Sharing
Search Filters
Google Maps
Image Gallery

Server Hosting

Hosted with Svelte Hosting London. Selected hosting and webmaster support options include:

Unlimited monthly bandwidth
Encryption Protection
SSL Certificate
Automatic Backup
Unlimited Database
Webmaster Supported

Editor Tool

Finbarr can edit all pages, create and edit 5 different posts, tag posts together in groups, add images, videos and pretty links. To help manage 100's of records flags highlight any essential missing settings.


A simple extraction of the ‘A’ for Athenry that easily reminds the reader of the logo.

ORegans Athenry


Using the signature typewriter font and main black and sepia colours I incorporated a styled ‘A’ similar to the ‘first-letter’ design of old newspapers and journals.

ORegans Athenry