Leigh Tango presents tango news, classes and milongas in Leigh-on-Sea. Tango teachers, Samira and Luis, needed a useful website to list events, classes and showcase a portfolio of performances and dance experience.

The brief

During the initial planning and research stage of the project we established the following:

Samira Ashraf
Portfolio website for a dance school.
Adults looking for a new social activity.
Find information and book a class.

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Using the lovely deco style of the logo font and the tiny little dot detail I created clean elegant headings and layouts in a medium grey on white background with bright orange and yellow buttons and links. The effect perfectly presents the website's imagery. To bring all the images together I used overlays of texture and light with sepia and chocolate filters to invoke the feeling of leather, cigars, tango and a sort of passion that is immense but peaceful. Brand designer, Peter Benton created the logo. Note how the little dot is incorporated throughout the website design.


The site features a live feed of Leigh Tango Facebook page reviews and a Mailchimp signup form. Functions included on this website:

The design adjusts automatically to display beautifully on all screen sizes.
Bespoke automated feeds of the right information at the right time. Ensuring seemless user experience (UX) and compelling call to actions.
Automated and unique content titles and descriptions using appropriate keywords. Sitemap. Verified by google. Best practise in-line ‘waterfall’ design.
Various protection measures including firewall, reCaptcha on forms, login protection and other techniques to protect private information. Daily or weekly back-up to an encrypted server.
Cookies accept function for new visitors linked to a cookies policy explaing what cookies are and why the site uses them. Users must explicity agree to how the site manages and protects the private data provided and the users right to view, receive copy and delete their private data forever. All private data is stored anonymously and where private data is not anonymous or is safeguarded by a third party that third party is also GDPR compliant.
Editor Tool
Social Sharing Buttons
Newsletter Subscription
Search Filters
Social Page Feed
Reviews Feed
Contact Form
Google Maps
Image Gallery

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Server Hosting

Hosted with Svelte Hosting in London. Selected hosting includes:

Single install
Unlimited bandwidth
Encryption protection
SSL Certificate
Backup to server
Unlimited database
Webmaster supported


Samira Ashraf‘s thoughts on the website and working together with Follyfox Design:

Rita did a wonderful job on my website. She takes the time to fully understand the brief and suggested some great ideas to improve on the initial concept I had. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she was always on hand to answer questions and develop ideas and content when I needed it most!

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