Helena bubbles with positive, philosophical energy so we wanted to introduce her as a personal coach with plenty of portrait imagery. A small and simple website for a new start in Helena’s career that can easily be developed as her Life Coaching business grows.

Website Design

Helena's favourite colour is purple so the site presents a range of colours from blue to violet, purple and maroon. Elegant quirky fonts add more personality to the brand and large bright buttons make it easy for users to navigate around the site. This is just the beginning for Helena so I quickly created a simple font logo with a neat little design twist at the beginning.


To present all the information on one page in an interesting and interactive way.


Portrait website for a life-coach.


Young professionals seeking guidance.

Call To Action

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Its Helena Coach
Its Helena Coach
Its Helena Coach
Its Helena Coach
Its Helena Coach
Its Helena Coach
Its Helena Coach

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Website Function

Users can safely book an appointment with Helena online. Key functions include:

Dynamic Content Management
Cookies Accept
Legal Policies
Site Map
Media Management
GDPR Compliance
Editor Tool
Social Sharing
Contact Form

Server Hosting

Hosted with Svelte Hosting London. Selected hosting and webmaster support options include:

Unlimited monthly bandwidth
Encryption Protection
SSL Certificate
Automatic Backup
Unlimited Database
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Its Helena Coach

Testimonial for Its Helena Coach

I liked the empathy Rita put into designing my website. It’s difficult to decode someone else’s brain and collect all the ideas together out there in a cohesive way, but she did! Thank you Rita.

- - -


Helena Navarro

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This website is no longer active…

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If you have any questions or would like a quote feel free to get in touch:

0044 (0) 7753 193 518