Gigtix is a ticket reseller for live music concerts and comedy shows across the UK. Readers can find tickets by event or venue, ask concierge for tickets, buy online, listen to Steve and Sarah’s favourite music and browse the latest news from the blog.

The brief

During the initial planning and research stage of the project we established the following:

Stephen Lee
Throughout my research the same issue kept coming up; secondary ticket sellers' websites (and even primary sellers' websites) don't feel trustworthy. Not only that, the user experience on these websites felt complicated and arduous. It was exhausting to get to the 'buy now' payment gateway and by the time I got there I no longer felt certain I should actually make payment. So I wanted Gigtix to feel simple and safe. It must be easy to browse and find tickets, easy to pay and, above all, it must feel safe ALL the time.
E-commerce website selling event tickets.
Music and comedy fans.
Find and buy tickets. Subscribe. Review.

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Gigtix is cool. Just SO cool. To bring out a 'rock-n-roll', street-cred vibe that bravely presents the artists and events I chose bold fonts with white backgrounds, dark greens and blues intermixed with shades of grey, beige, pastel green and turquoise. Pages scroll down smoothly as the user moves from section to section using various spacing techniques, dotted lines and angled edges. Directories for events, tickets, venues and news stories come with search filters, pagination and listing designs that are unique to that directory.


This website is packed with everything needed to facilitate an online ticket seller with 3 different payment gateways, a fully equipped front-end user account interface and a bespoke content management design that dynamically presents the user with the right information at the right time. Gigtix looks good on all screen sizes, is fully optimised for speed and search engines. Users can chat to website editors, request tickets, ask questions, listen to music, watch videos, browse image galleries, interact with maps, buy tickets, share stuff on social media, subscribe to the newsletter, leave reviews and be informed on ticket delivery at all times. Functions included on this website:

The design adjusts automatically to display beautifully on all screen sizes.
Bespoke automated feeds of the right information at the right time. Ensuring seemless user experience (UX) and compelling call to actions.
Automated and unique content titles and descriptions using appropriate keywords. Sitemap. Verified by google. Best practise in-line ‘waterfall’ design.
Various protection measures including firewall, reCaptcha on forms, login protection and other techniques to protect private information. Daily or weekly back-up to an encrypted server.
Cookies accept function for new visitors linked to a cookies policy explaing what cookies are and why the site uses them. Users must explicity agree to how the site manages and protects the private data provided and the users right to view, receive copy and delete their private data forever. All private data is stored anonymously and where private data is not anonymous or is safeguarded by a third party that third party is also GDPR compliant.
Editor Tool
Social Sharing Buttons
Newsletter Subscription
Customer Chat Box
Google Analytics
Search Filters
Membership Accounts
Reviews Feed
Contact Form
Google Maps
Image Gallery

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Brand and graphics

Various branded icons, logos, flyers, business cards and other designs to support this project:

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Readers can subscribe to the Gigtix Newsfeed from anywhere on the website. The newsletter automatically sends everything new that week, once per week. Website editors can add older posts to the next newsletter and check what's going out on the next mailout at any time. I integrated Mailchimp to collect subscriptions and manage mailouts, however, the way the website sends content to Mailchimp and the newsletter email design itself is bespoke.

Editor Tool

The Gigtix editor tool is bespoke and allows website editors to manage the entire website from a user-friendly, front-end interface. Managing blog stories, venues, maps, events, tickets, orders, delivery instructions, refunds, messages, concierge requests, data feeds, news feeds, reviews and support forum notes is quick, easy and risk-free. The tool facilitates tasks such as creating, editing, deleting, reseting tickets, duplicating tickets, reserving tickets, pausing tickets and tagging various posts to other posts. Managing orders from point of sale to confirming payment, sending delivery instructions and applying refunds is intuitive and automatically communicates with the buyer. Orders display all updates and can be viewed and downloaded at any time. Reports are also very easy to create and download. There are 3 different sales reports that calculate results live. Finally, a comprehensive guide outlines how to use all the tools along with other webmaster tips and useful information.

Server Hosting

Hosted with Svelte Hosting in London. Selected hosting includes:

Single install
Unlimited bandwidth
Encryption protection
SSL Certificate
Backup to server
Unlimited database


Stephen Lee‘s thoughts on the website and working together with Follyfox Design:

Rita was recommended to me and has not disappointed. Her attention to detail and always being on hand is second to none. I wanted a web designer who could build me a website which said “you can trust me” and had that feminine touch to it, I certainly have this. Nothing is ever too much for Rita, she has spent hours on the website and even mucked in with the more mundane work that has sometimes been a necessity. The success of my website was always going to be in whether I achieved sales, we have done this in abundance and the site gets better and better as time goes on as we make tweaks and improvements. It is a comprehensive site and I love it, I would recommend Rita to anyone for their web design and development work.

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