Garua Milonguero Ireland

Garua Milonguero is a private Argentine Tango event website that showcases the historical Charleville Castle just outside Tullamore, Ireland. Dancers can quickly find news, information and register online.


Anthony Cronin
To create a fully functioning registration management tool that is secure AND doesn't require user account login.
Event website with online registration.
Tango enthusiasts.
Call To Action
Register online.

Website Design

Full screen background imagery fills every page with the magic and mystery of this wonderful castle while various sliders, popups and hover effects create a fun and interactive user experience. I love the earthy colours and tried to bring a feeling of hidden corridors, shadows and depth to each page by using transparent overlays. A big fat heading font sign posts the way.

Website Function

The website is password protected so only invited guests who have been given the password can view the site. Information is presented dynamically on every page to help users find related information. Guests can subscribe to the newsletter to automatically receive new blog articles as they are posted. Key functions include:

Dynamic Content Management
Cookies Accept
Legal Policies
Site Map
Media Management
GDPR Compliance
Editor Tool
Social Sharing
Newsletter Subscription
Search Filters
Contact Form
Google Maps
Image Gallery

Server Hosting

Hosted with Svelte Hosting London. Selected hosting and webmaster support options include:

Unlimited monthly bandwidth
Encryption Protection
SSL Certificate
Automatic Backup
Unlimited Database
Webmaster Supported

Editor Tool

Under the bonnet is a bespoke registration management tool. The event team can quickly and easily create events and manage hundreds of registrations and email notifications, invoices, receipts and credits. View live financial reports, control form visibility and send out announcements.


In keeping with the Garúa Milonguero brand’s look ‘n feel we established a series of facebook banners using the main website background image. To keep things fresh the image, overlay colour and text can easily be changed for each event.

Garúa Milonguero


This pretty logo is a representation of the traditional Irish Claddagh ring. The ring dates as far back as 1700 and originates from Galway on the west coast of Ireland. As tango is about the embrace the idea of this ring represents beautifully the Garúa Milonguero ethos. With a 3D metallic effect the logo is designed to overlay on dark backgrounds. In collaboration with Ian Cox (

Garúa Milonguero