Fellpack Catbells Runner

Fellpack is a fleet of 4 restaurants and one hotel located in Keswick, right in the heart of the Lake District. The crew also organise outdoor adventures in The Fells. This website is all about good food, good company and plenty of fresh air.

The brief

During the initial planning and research stage of the project we established the following:

John Butterfield
The challenge here was to find the very best way to bring the Fellpack story to life with pages and posts that reflected the enormous energy and passion of its people.
Portfolio and e-commerce website presenting the Fellpack restaurants and hotels and selling gift vouchers and adventures in Cumbria online.
Local. Tourists. Adventurers.
Find and book a table or a room. Buy a voucher. Buy and adventure package.

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Fellpack is brimming with imagery, video and illustration that brings the beautiful landscapes of The Fells and all the people who live, work and explore the Lake District right into your screen. Full width, full height everything. Automated video. Hover, float, click, popup, drop-down and scroll effects make exploring this website fun for everyone. Every location on the site urges the reader onwards to something else, something new, something interesting. Once you start exploring you can't stop.


This website is fully equipped with a front-end user account interface and a bespoke content management design that dynamically presents the user with the right information at the right time. Fellpack is optimised for response, speed and search engines. Users can chat to the Fellpack team, send messages, buy gift vouchers and adventure packages, listen to music, watch videos, skip through image galleries, interact with google maps, share stuff on social media, subscribe to the newsletter, book a table, leave reviews and manage their own account. Functions included on this website:

The design adjusts automatically to display beautifully on all screen sizes.
Bespoke automated feeds of the right information at the right time. Ensuring seemless user experience (UX) and compelling call to actions.
Automated and unique content titles and descriptions using appropriate keywords. Sitemap. Verified by google. Best practise in-line ‘waterfall’ design.
Various protection measures including firewall, reCaptcha on forms, login protection and other techniques to protect private information. Daily or weekly back-up to an encrypted server.
Cookies accept function for new visitors linked to a cookies policy explaing what cookies are and why the site uses them. Users must explicity agree to how the site manages and protects the private data provided and the users right to view, receive copy and delete their private data forever. All private data is stored anonymously and where private data is not anonymous or is safeguarded by a third party that third party is also GDPR compliant.
Editor Tool
Newsletter Subscription
Customer Chat Box
Google Analytics
Search Filters
Membership Accounts
Reviews Feed
Contact Form
Google Maps
Image Gallery

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Editor Tool

The bespoke Editor tool allows the website editing and marketing team to create and manage all site content including products, manage customer orders, send newsletters to subscribers.

Server Hosting

Hosted with Svelte Hosting in London. Selected hosting includes:

Single install
Unlimited bandwidth
Encryption protection
SSL Certificate
Backup to server
Unlimited database
Webmaster supported