Collaboration Leadership

‘CALM’ is a brilliant idea demanding a dynamic, stand out from the crowd, website that captures a very particular audience. Collaboration Leadership steps into the arena without hesitation.

The brief

During the initial planning and research stage of the project we established the following:

Robert Coles
To create a brand image that confidently announced a fresh approach to Corporate Leadership & Management development that wouldn't get lost under the Human Resources umbrella nor disregard existing and recognised methods and practises.
Portfolio website showcasing a new idea.
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Website Design

The design regularly 'breaks the rules'. Spaces and sections are inconsistent and seemingly mis-aligned to give the user a roaming curious feeling while navigating the site. Homepage imagery stirs emotions and beckons the user to enter. Clean white pages with bold red and blue highlights, soft grey text, styled images and 'handmade' icons create a strong brand identity. Various heading styles help manage 'long reads' to make it easy for the user to browse and read. Key titles throughout are unusual, invoking curiosity to explore.

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Website Function

Soft transitions, popups and interlinked custom posts allow users to interact with ease. Functions include:

• Responsiveness
• Dynamic Content
• Security
• Cookies Accept
• Legal Policies
• Site Map
• Media Optimisation
• GDPR Compliance

• Editor Tool
• Social Sharing Buttons
• Google Analytics
• Search Filters
• Contact Form
• Image Gallery
• Archives

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Server Hosting

Hosted with Svelte Hosting in London. Selected hosting includes:

• Unlimited bandwidth
• Encryption Protection
• SSL Certificate
• Automatic Backup
• Unlimited Database
• Webmaster Supported

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Editor Tool

Robert can edit pages, create blog posts and manage everything from a bespoke front-end editor interface.