A Shade Above

A Shade Above make handmade lampshades to specification for interior designers, hoteliers, lighting designers and architects worldwide. Their website needed a refresh to bring the brand into alignment with industry peers.

The brief

During the initial planning and research stage of the project we established the following:

Fiona Ascroft
To edit an enormous number of images taken on a mobile, in the dark or with cluttered backgrounds. Photoshop and I really spent some quality time together on this project.
Portfolio of projects and lampshade designs.
Industry professionals and collaborators.
Order online. Contact A Shade Above.


The beauty of this website is the imagery, showcased on clean greys and khaki backgrounds along with simple white containers and minimalist photo galleries and sliders. Many hours were spent carefully restoring and preparing photos taken from mobile phones, photocopied printcopy and professional studio shots to ensure all website imagery was consistent and to standard. All the photos were taken on location and are original.


Significantly is a bespoke order form for customers to select a combination of lampshade fabrics, styles and fittings. Functions include:

Dynamic Content
Cookies Accept
Legal Policies
Site Map
GDPR Compliance
Editor Tool
Social Sharing Buttons
Google Analytics
Search Filters
Contact Form
Google Maps
Image Gallery

Brand and graphics

Various branded icons, logos, flyers, business cards and other designs to support this project:

Server Hosting

Hosted with Svelte Hosting in London. Selected hosting includes:

Single install
Unlimited bandwidth
Encryption protection
SSL Certificate (basic)
Regular backup to server
Unlimited database
Webmaster supported


Fiona Ascroft‘s thoughts on the website and working together with Follyfox Design:

Testimonial for A Shade Above Working with Follyfox Design feels like a collaboration. Rita’s design innovation, expertise and ability to ‘grasp’ branding has been invaluable. Whilst we knew what we were aiming for making a website together was a journey that went hand in hand with overall business and sales strategy. The USP was, and is, Rita’s flexibility and capability, not only in website design and development, but also in strategy, branding and GDPR/legal issues. In particular for us, and invaluable for a bespoke manufacturer without product shots, her skill in photo editing/restoration and design meant the site was made with existing photography rather than setting up expensive and time-consuming photoshoots. We are delighted with our website!

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