Terms Of Service

terms of service

Follyfox Design trading as Tangofolly Ltd

Company Registered 08361878. Contact via follyfoxdesign@gmail.com

project process

As a guide here is each step in the project process:


Initally, we will discuss and define every element to establish a conclusive DESIGN PROPOSAL.


With our plan in place, you will receive a DESIGN AGREEMENT, along with your SERVER HOSTING AGREEMENT, outlining both the plan and our contract together, for your approval, signature and return.


You will receive your first invoice for the agreed deposit with simple instructions on how to make payment.


With signatures and deposits in place, work begins immediately.


You will have ample opportunity to request any minor changes until you are completely happy with everything.


You will then receive a RELEASE STATEMENT to formally approve the work.


A final invoice is sent or if we have agreed on a payment schedule, these invoices will be sent to you until the total amount is paid in full.


Finally, you will recieve a full HANDOVER along with any information you require as the new owner.

what’s inside

Your website comes with some key functions as standard:


Optimised meta descriptions and keyword tagging to help search engines find your website.


Pretty icons linked to your social media pages.


The best security software on the market today to protect your site from bad robots and hacks.


Weekly backup of your website and content to our server. Just to be safe. And, in my experience, it can be dreadfully useful to be able to return to a previous version at any time.


A flexible, elegant design that responds dynamically to any screen size. Statistics show that most users will view your website on their mobile, on a tablet and less often on a large screen laptop or desktop computer. I write the code myself so we can have full control over what happens and when.


Standard legal copy and accept function for WordPress websites. Learn more about cookies and the law.


Using a dynamic content management system, you will be able to easily publish and/or manage content from the front-end. This works beautifully to allow you autonomy over your website, enhance the user’s experience, keep navigation logical and fluent, feed relevant information at the right time and place and protect the site’s design.


Automatic optimisation of maps, images, video or music without losing quality and to ensure your website remains lightweight and fast. There is nothing worse than a clunky slow website…

server hosting

Every website needs a safe and secure home:


We will build and store your website safely on fully managed Follyfox Design servers in London. You will have 24hr direct access to the team looking after your website. We will also backup your website, free, either weekly or daily depending on your website’s needs.


Server hosting and maintenance support options are available either on a monthly basis, for as little as £10 per month, or you can pay annually, as you prefer. You will receive a SERVER HOSTING AGREEMENT, detailing all hosting options, along with your DESIGN AGREEMENT to review, sign and return.


Server hosting payments are requested on the 25th of each month and roll-over annually unless you give notice to end the contract. For example, if we launch your website on the 14th August or the 22nd August your server hosting period will still begin on the 25th August.