Your project is unique. You may just need a simple portfolio website and some business cards. On the other hand, I can work with you to create a website with more complex function, establish your brand, logo, meaningful content, photography (imagery is key!) and various print copy to help with your marketing and communications. Here is an overview of ideas to start:

your website

simple websites

A portfolio website is beautiful by design, suits you and your brand perfectly, presents clear communication of information and is easy to maintain.

sophisticated websites

Building on the ‘simple’ to manage content dynamically, sell online, build interactive community networks and incorporate sophisticated functions and tools.

what’s inside?

As standard, your website comes with some rudimentary functions such as security, social buttons, responsive behaviour and necessary legal documentation. Learn more about what’s inside.


I will build your website in a way that makes it extremely efficient and economical to develop it in the future. We can start with something simple and build in the function and tools you need as your business grows.


Your website will be tailored to you and how you work. Before we launch, I will ensure you feel completely confident to manage your content and software with ongoing personal support if you need it.

web mastery

I often work with my clients on an ongoing basis. As your business grows so must your website. Building in new functions, incorporating marketing intiatives and maintaining content to keep it current, brand conscious and alive are just some of these necessary jobs.

how to start?

If you know exactly what you want, great, lets get started! If not, don’t worry. We can consider all the options together and find out. In any case, let’s use this project process as our guide.

need ideas?

Browse the website portfolio to get some ideas. If you see a website, design feature or function you like, keep a note of it! Everything is possible.

the software & server

website & database

I prefer to use wordpress as the platform in conjunction with some very sophisticated content management software. Your website comes with an unlimited database to store your content.

server hosting

All Follyfox websites are safely housed on private, fully managed servers with our partner Svelte Hosting. Learn more about the server hosting service.

free backup

We are confident your website is safe, however, as part of your server hosting agreement, we will also take a regular backup of your website just in case you want to ‘rewind’ back to a previous version.

software maintenance

To ensure you have the latest security updates it is imperative you keep your software current. We can incorporate this little ‘very important’ job into your monthly server hosting agreement.

additional elements

logo and branding

I cannot express how powerful your logo and supportive branding can be. In fact, I take great care in gaining a proper insight into your business identity (who you are, what you represent, where you are going etc) and build your whole website around it. If you are just starting out, I would be pleased to work with you to establish and incorporate this essential element into your project. Here are some of my favourites to date » logo portfolio

print copy

With your new website, logo and branding in place it is often the case that you need print copy to match! This may be anything from flyers, business cards, invitations, tickets and posters to advertisments for online and print. I am also happy to liaise with the printing house on your behalf and manage the job from beginning to end. Here are some projects with both website and print copy incorporated » print copy portfolio

written word

When building a website there are many instances where a sentence, paragraph or blog-like copy is required. I can help you with relevant, SEO-friendly, content for your website that targets your audience, generates call to action and helps search engines find your website. Equally perhaps you just need someone to help you with editing (English only). Happy to help.


The imagery we use on your website can make or break it. It influences the user’s experience, induces emotion and gives a powerful impression of who you are. It must be excellent quality, relevant, expertly prepared, consistent and original. Many of the websites I have made so far have included some element, small or large, of photography. I am happy to shoot on location or in studio as required. Recently »