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Simplicity is the final achievement.. It is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art..

Penned by Frederic Chopin. Duly noted by Follyfox. Indeed, working together to plan, design, build and then manage your website requires strategic and creative thinking, imagination in abundance, clear objectives and a practical, extremely logical approach. It can and will make all the difference to your business or project.

Philosophy on Website Design London by Follyfox Design

its not what. its how.

Sound familiar? These days its pretty easy to grab a template, follow the instructions and ‘quick-fix’ your need to ‘exist’ on the world wide web. Planning, designing and creating a website that actually ‘works’ for you, that enables your goals, that you can take ownership for and be proud of.. well.. that is another kind of website altogether.

Philosophy on Website Design London by Follyfox Design

lost in function

With an awesome array of fancy doo daa’s and somersaulting gizmos at our fingertips it’s really easy to get lost in the function void and lose track of what it’s all about. Back step. Why do we need a website? Essentially? It is a communication tool. A brilliant and empowering way of bringing the world closer to you and what you want to say. Even so, structural ‘function’ is the foundation, or architecture, of your website. It must be 100% trustworthy and maintained consistently to keep it just so.

Philosophy on Website Design London by Follyfox Design

being brilliant is easy

A client wrote recently: “I love my website! Sometimes I just browse for no reason. I feel happy”. Have you noticed we humans are really good at taking care of the people and things we love? A successful website is a loved website. Making your website easy to ‘love’, easy to manage, easy to keep fresh, alive and meaningful starts with understanding you and your personal challenges, goals, routines, how you and your colleagues work together as a team and, equally, how you interact with your customer.

Philosophy on Website Design London by Follyfox Design

the art of simplicity

Frederic Chopin said: “Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art.” Indeed, ‘simple’ is just so.. so pleasant. Finding the ‘simple’, but dynamic, formula that truly represents your brand, supports your business activity now and enables your future business growth, is an art in itself. Herein lies the exquisite challenge.


When my clients are happy and proud of their website my work is done.


The very best websites bring together branding, design and function beautifully to create exactly the ‘right’ experience for your target audience and invoke meaningful ‘call to action’ that actually works.


Truly bespoke websites require a taylored approach. The following key elements and activities will form at least part of your website design project:

Insightful Design

This is all about ‘how’ your website looks and feels. Branding plays a key role in design, ensuring your website fully supports you and your business. Exploring and interacting with your website must be easy, fast and trustworthy with a smooth, elegant response to any screen size. → More

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Tools & Functions

We will incorporate all the tools you need for the job. Security is a must and an SSL Certificate highly recommended. Gain insights with analytics, sell online with e-commerce or automate social networking. Build a directory, manage appointments, integrate messages and diarise events. → More

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Planning & Research

We take great care in gaining a proper insight into who you are, your business identity, where and how you want to be positioned in your market and the psychological profile of the audience you need to reach. These insights are kept firmly in mind as a yardstick for EVERYTHING we do. → More

What is involved in

Planning & Research


The General Data Protection Regulations require particular processes and declarations regarding the private data your website collects. If you wish to sell online and/or allow users to create an account further interactive measures must be incoporated. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it. → More

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SEO & Networking

In our technology driven world of social media marketing making sure your website can be found on search engine results is imperative. We will implement the basics as standard and help you define what tools and ongoing activities are suitable for you in your marketplace. → More

What is

SEO & Networking


Creating your website is a journey we will take together. The story doesn’t end on the day we launch it onto the world wide web. Along the way you will receive all the training you need, a full handover and ongoing personal support whenever you need it.→ More

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Responsive Dynamic Design

Legal Copy & Function

SEO & SSL Best Practise

Limited Pages & Posts

Security & Weekly Backup

Starting from £800


Responsive Dynamic Design

Legal Copy & Function

SEO & SSL Best Practise

Unlimited Pages & Posts

Security & Daily Backup

User Account Interface

Starting from £1200


Responsive Dynamic Design

Legal Copy & Function

SEO & SSL Best Practise

Unlimited Pages & Posts

Security & Daily Backup

User Account Interface

E-Commerce Integration

Starting from £3000

No two websites in the Follyfox Design Portfolio are the same so the prices noted above serve as a ‘ball-park’ indication only. You may need a combination of elements or very particular functions. In any case, you are welcome to request a quote, obligation free. Payment plans are available.

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All Follyfox websites are stored on top of the range servers managed by our trusted partner, Svelte Hosting, located in Canary Warf, London.


We have our own high speed servers so you won’t be sharing space with millions of other websites. Prices remain competitive.

Security & Privacy

Our servers are encrypted and password protected with strictly authorised access only and daily backup. We are GDPR compliant.

24hr Support

Our team are standing by to support you around the clock.

Unlimited Database

Your website comes with an unlimited database at no extra cost.


Single Website



£10 per month

Supported £20 per month


Single Website



£40 per month

Supported £60 per month

Virtual Private

Single Website

Full VPS Instance Control

Limited IP Addresses

Svelte Hosting

pricing on request.


Unlimited Websites

System & Hardware Control

Unlimited IP Addresses

Svelte Hosting

pricing on request.

Websites require ongoing maintenance and, most importantly, regular security software updates. If you do not wish to manage your website yourself choose the ‘Supported’ option and we’ll personally take care of everything for you. Website migration options are available.

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Post launch is when all our planning and hard work comes into play, however, really successful websites don’t stop there. Generating relevant traffic, maintaining software and keeping your site fresh and up-to-date is an ongoing discipline.

Search Engine Optimisation

As an extension to the basic SEO we have already embedded, we often work with clients on an ongoing basis. Our aim is to realise the potential of your specific ‘call to action’ opportunities.

Content Writing Blogging

In web design, a sentence, paragraph or blog-like copy is more than just ‘words’. Relevant, compelling and search engine friendly content invites the right audience to visit your website.

Redesign & Development

As you and your business grow so must your website keep changing to keep pace, on-brand and still speaking to the right audience.

Software Management

Keeping your security software updated is not the only task here. Sometimes software becomes incompatible or no longer the best tool for the job.

Prices vary depending on your requirements.

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If you are just starting out it is often the case that you need more than a website. By bringing together trusted associates with particular expertise, we can project manage your entire business start-up:

Copy For Print

Flyers, invitations, tickets and posters. Stationery, business cards and merchandise.


Presentation templates, email signatures and email mailout templates.

Logo & Branding

Simple logo and branding design concept and creation to help you get started.


Creative and unique, hand-drawn illustration for print and web.


Professional portraiture, landscape and product imagery for print and web.


Short promotional videos for web and social media from concept to creation.

Let us know what you need and we’ll add these to your website design project.

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Rita Maree Horne


Follyfox Design is focused on retrieving the true value of ‘bespoke’ and the personal engagement between client and designer. It is possible for everyone, on any budget, to have a beautifully designed, easy to manage, useful website.

I am equally creative as I am social and mathematical so making websites presses ALL my buttons – communication, branding, coding, strategy, detail.. to name but a few.

Follyfox Design began 6 years ago making websites for friends. I went on to design websites for entrepeneurs and small businesses, then, by bringing together expertise, larger businesses and global networks.

I really enjoy working together with my clients. I love making websites.

London Website Designer Rita M Horne